Plugging my Facebook page…

Every once in awhile, I like to point out the dedicated Facebook page I use for all three of my blogs.  I usually post links to all of my latest posts on that page.  I am mentioning this only for the people who read every day and don’t want to miss a new post.

Contrary to popular belief, I only share my travel blog posts with local Facebook communities when I think they will be interesting and useful to many people.  For instance, I will usually share my posts about restaurants, tourist attractions, and festivals.  But sometimes I write about mundane or goofy stuff that won’t interest many people.  I don’t share those posts because I know some people are annoyed by bloggers and I don’t want to be a nuisance.

I do have two other blogs.  One is the original Overeducated Housewife page.  It tends to be rawer and much more controversial.  The language is not as clean and I write about true crime, controversies, military issues, personal stuff, and some silly stuff.   I also post book reviews there, unless the book is about travel.  Travel related books get reviewed on the travel blog.  I don’t usually share my original Overeducated Housewife posts with the local Facebook community, though I welcome interested readers.

The other blog is a goofy music blog called Dungeon Of The Past.  I was born in the 70s and enjoy obscure pop music from my childhood years, so that’s where I write about music.  I’m also a singer, so sometimes I post my recordings there.

I also use the Facebook page to communicate with people who would rather not leave comments on the blogs.  If you enjoy my content and don’t want to miss the newer stuff that I don’t share with Facebook groups, feel free to like the page.  If I get three more likes, I’ll finally crack 100.  😉

Public domain image courtesy of Ali Zifan.


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