About knotty

I am a boring, but quirky, housewife with three college degrees, no kids, and no formal employment– hence why I call myself “The Overeducated Housewife”. This is my travel blog, which is a spinoff from my regular blog. I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Armenia 1995-97), an alum of Longwood University (B.A.) and the University of South Carolina (MSW and MPH), and a former Army wife turned contractor’s wife. I’m also a second wife, ghost stepmother to two, world traveler, amateur singer, former barn rat/horse girl, and “mom” of many rescue dogs, past and present.

This blog is basically just a diary of the great travel and German lifestyle experiences my husband, Bill, and I have managed to have since about 2013, or so. There were other travel experiences before 2013, but I wasn’t blogging when they happened.

I try to be as honest as possible when I write; I like to cuss; and sometimes, I’m snarky and not very politically correct. However, I don’t get any kickbacks from my experiences, and I’m not trying to be an “influencer” or sponsored blogger, so you might get more honesty from my pieces. I just enjoy writing and don’t have anything else to do besides walk the dogs, play guitar, and vacuum.

P.S. My real name is Jenny, but people have been calling me “knotty” for years, so I just went with it.