Our next… (last??) move…

Since January 2007, my husband and I have moved five times.  The first move was within a half a mile.  We moved from the little white house we’d been in since October 2003 to a brand new house.  We had to move because our old house was being renovated.  I was sorry to leave it, because I actually liked that house… but the new house did have some updated features like a gas stove, FiOS, and a tiny fenced in yard.  Bill deployed in January 2007, so I lived in that house mostly by myself.  He came back in August 2007 and we moved to Germany in September 2007.

We expected to live in Germany for three years.  We ended up getting barely two years, owing to my husband’s asshole ex boss in Iraq, who got Bill requested by name to take a job in Atlanta, Georgia in September 2009.  I loved Germany and cried when we had to leave.  We traveled a lot, loved our house (and our neighbors and landlord) and felt very comfortable in Europe.  We got paid more in Germany, too.  Moving abroad is a big pain in the ass… It took six weeks to get into our house and when we were PCS’ing, we had to deal with new potential renters breathing down our necks, wanting to rent our house.  It sucked.

But we moved to Atlanta in September 2009 and it was okay… we were there for 18 months because my husband’s post was shut down and moved to North Carolina.  So we moved to North Carolina in April 2011.  We got out of our time in Georgia a new dog (Zane) and Bill picked up some mad home brewing skills.  Our old beagle, Flea, died about two months after we got to Georgia because he had prostate cancer.

So now we’re about to have our second anniversary in North Carolina…  I’m just now meeting people, mainly because we adopted our new dog, Arran, because sweet MacGregor died a few months ago.  North Carolina is not that exciting… it’s very close to Virginia, which is where I’m from, and not far from where family live.

Today, Bill tells me we will likely be expected in San Antonio, Texas around August 1, 2013…  He retires next year, which means this will be the last time the Army moves us unless we move after he retires.  The Army will pay for a move when he retires, too…

For the third time since 2009, I’m househunting on AHRN, which is a housing rental service for military folks.  I hear San Antonio is wonderful, so I’m hoping we like it and stay awhile.  And I hope we don’t end up living in a box.  Meanwhile, I still want to plan trips and, in fact, was checking out Hebridean Island Cruises YouTube channel and wishing we could do another Scotland cruise this year.

I guess in July, we’ll need to take a trip to San Antonio and find a house.  Then in late July, we’ll need to take a 3 or 4 night road trip and drive the 1300 miles to get there.  It was a lot easier to move from Georgia to North Carolina.


2 thoughts on “Our next… (last??) move…

  1. You will love San Antonio! Of course you'll have to do the Alamo but don't count the RiverWalk out. Did a lot of good times there. The movie scene of Jackie in the boat with Puck strapped to her is there. Old Town San Antonio still exists and Bill will be amazed how close it was to the Alamo. Of course, I will pop down and Bill and I will have to have a whiskey drinking contest. Welcome to Texas! Hope you two stay.

  2. I've visited San Antonio before and had a great time on the Riverwalk and visiting The Alamo. Bill's mom lives there and we came down to see her. She usually visits us, so it'll be nice for her that we're close.

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