Planning the route…

It’s going to take us a few days to move to San Antonio.  San Antonio is about 1300 miles from here and we’ll probably have a UHaul or something so our life is bearable when we get to our new home, wherever that ends up being.  We’ll probably have to spend a night in a local hotel because after we clean the house, we’re going to want to have a decent night’s sleep before starting the journey west.  Since we have our dogs, the places will have to be dog friendly.

When we left Georgia, it was relatively easy.  We boarded our dogs for a couple of days while we cleaned the house.  Then the morning we left, we picked them up.  The drive to North Carolina took about six hours.  Piece of cake.

This time, we will have to find pet friendly hotels.  I have a feeling we will become intimately acquainted with La Quinta, since that chain is famously pet friendly and there are about 80 of them on our route to San Antonio.  I suspect the first leg will take us to the Atlanta area, where we’ll try to pick up some excellent JailHouse beers.  The next day, we’ll probably stop somewhere on the Gulf coast… maybe Biloxi or Mobile or maybe even somewhere in Louisiana.  The third night, we’ll probably stop in eastern Texas somewhere.  Maybe Houston?

I don’t know.  Bill says the Army expects us to drive 400 miles a day.  I look forward to Texas, but dread the driving and heavy lifting and cleaning…


6 thoughts on “Planning the route…

  1. I hate the act of moving and do not envy you. A new place can be exciting, but the logistics of a move are overwhelming.One place we went on the guf coast — either Biloxi, Mississippi, or Mobile, Alabama, had a really bad smell out near the gulf and it gave me a migraine. I hope the smell is better when you're on the gulf coast.

  2. You really do have to be careful what you wish for. I remember when we were stuck in DC for years on end. I was jealous of all the families who got to move off post in the spring and summer. Having grown up in Virginia, northern Virginia (which is where we lived) was hardly exciting. Suddenly, we started this series of moves… this upcoming move will be our fifth one in six years.I don't know what will happen when my husband retires. I have a feeling we could end up staying in Texas for awhile. My husband's mom lives in San Antonio and it's a really nice city. It's also a military mecca. I could see my husband getting a good job there when he's done with active duty. Of course, we'd rather move back to Europe!

  3. On the move again? Funny, I'm a big fan of limericks, I just happened to be reading this:There once was a chick named Alicewho used dynamite for a phallusit blew a hole in her vaginalike North Carolinaand bits of her tits in DallasNice tie in, dontcha think? Lowering the tone of your travel blog while still remaining topical.

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