Italian style…

This photo was taken at the Galleria in Milan, Italy.  It occasionally flashes across my computer monitor.  Every time it does, I’m struck by the way people are dressed.  Check out the guy in the leather jacket.  He’s stylin’…  Incidentally, this photo was taken in May.  Notice how many people are wearing jackets.  Guess I better pack a few warm things, even though we’ll be on the water.

I am a fluffy American who appreciates style but can’t wear super stylish stuff. Or maybe I just can’t be bothered.

This is a shopping mall, by the way… It’s a super fancy place.  Even the McDonald’s is fancy.

Shopping in such a fancy place is a bit intimidating.  I did end up buying an Italy travel guide.  I’ll be using it very soon when we go to Italy and Greece in May!  I’m trying to find some somewhat decent looking clothes to wear, so the Italians won’t look at me with disdain…


2 thoughts on “Italian style…

  1. Whenever we are in a different country or on vacation in general I always try to avoid Mcdonalds even though I love it. I always feel the need to eat at mom and pop places that I'll never get the chance to try again.

  2. That's a good plan, Bruce. We don't usually eat at McDonald's regardless. I took that photo because that restaurant was so fancy looking in that mall! Mom and Pop places are the best places to get to know the local culture.

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