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I’m a little overwhelmed by the prospect of buying train tickets in Italy.  The last time I did significant train travel in Italy, I had a Eurail pass.  Things have gotten more complicated since then.  Italy now has a few private train lines as well as the national line.  And Bill is not wanting to buy tickets now because he doesn’t want to lock us in to a specific time of day.

I like to have things paid for upfront.  But I guess there is something to be said for waiting until we get to Italy before we buy train tickets…

I’m getting pretty excited about our trip and really looking forward to it.  On the other hand, it’s a little bittersweet, because after this trip, we probably won’t get to do as much travel.  Bill will be in transition and whatever his new job is probably won’t be as liberal with annual leave as the Army is.  Or he may not get a job and we might have to live out of a box!

But for now, I look forward to Italy and Greece and wish we could stay longer and travel more…

I also look forward to the piano bar on SeaDream I…

This was taken on our last SeaDream cruise.  The piano bar was sort of my second home that week.  I love a good singalong!  That week, a bunch of Norwegians were onboard.  They were very boisterous and annoyed the Brits on the ship.  However, they were nice to me… until they started taking pictures of me while I was singing.

They did get this shot…. I’m looking very sunburned and bloated… but Bill seems to be enjoying it.

This time, I plan to stay out of the sun… and hide my digital camera!

4 comments on “Train tickets…

  1. Wilbur Witt says:

    Don't take a Carnival cruise or you WILL be living out of a box!

  2. knotty says:

    We don't do Carnival or any of the other big ships. We stick to small luxury ships. When we can't afford them anymore, we'll probably stop cruising.

  3. AlexisAR says:

    Don't worryabout the digital camera, but do be careful of the sun. My dad says skin cancers of all varieties are bitches.

  4. knotty says:

    I hear you. Someone on RfM recently posted about having to get a skin cancer removed. He now has a bit wound on his forehead from where the surgeon had to remove a bunch of abnormal cells. Incidentally, when I was in college, one of my professors was John Peale (Norman Vincent Peale's son). He had skin cancer that was really bad. I thought he was a pompous ass, but I do remember how much he suffered because of that cancer.

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