Guess I’ll never fly Samoan Air

According to an article on the Sydney Morning Herald’s Web site, Samoan Air has a “pay as you weigh” scheme, which means that overweight people will end up paying more.  Samoan Air uses little “puddle jumper” airplanes, so I guess it makes sense to know how much people weigh so you can distribute the weight properly and the planes can take off and land.  But I sure as hell don’t want to be weighed in public!  I don’t even let the doctor tell me how much I weigh.

Apparently, obesity is a big problem in the South Pacific.  Samoan Air’s chief executive Chris Langton says this policy might get people thinking more about their weight.  I think about my weight all the time.  I don’t think having to pay extra for the same tiny seat is going to help that.

It’s funny that this article came out on April 2, though…  Otherwise, a lot of people would think it was an April Fool’s joke!  It’s 100% legit, though.  I’m staying the fuck out of Samoa, that’s for sure!


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