Next trip is booked…

Bill and I are spending the first week of July in San Antonio, Texas.  We’re going there to find a place to live and see his mother.  I doubt we’ll need all the days to find quarters; we’re usually pretty quick when it comes to that.  I find ads for the types of places we prefer and then we check it out in person to see if we still like it.

It’s hard to believe in less than two months, we’ll be leaving North Carolina.  We’ve only lived here since April 2011.  I’ve mostly liked it here… if we were staying, I’d be looking to find another house in a different community, I think.  The town we’re in now is pleasant enough, but there’s not that much going on here.  It has going for it the fact that it’s almost exactly between Raleigh and Fayetteville.  People here are nice, though, and most everything we need is in the vicinity.

San Antonio looks like it will be a lot more exciting, but I fear we’ll also have trouble finding the right place to live.  So this trip is important.  It’s also expensive!

I ended up booking the trip on Expedia.com because we needed plane tickets, a hotel, and a rental car and they could give us a package deal.  Maybe I would have done better some other way, but I’ve used Expedia a lot over the years and am comfortable with it.  So that’s what I did…

We’re flying out on Delta, which makes me happy.  I have more frequent flyer points on Delta than the other airlines and I somewhat prefer it to American and US Air… and definitely to United.  We have seven nights at The Menger Hotel on the Riverwalk.  Last time we were in San Antonio, we stayed at Hotel Contessa, which we liked.  But staying there would have cost significantly more.  Last time I stayed at Hotel Contessa, I got an excellent deal.  We’re renting a car from Alamo…  It’ll probably be a boring sedan.

The grand total for all of this?  About $2100.  I’d rather spend that on a transatlantic flight to Europe.  But finding a place to live is important.  I’ll feel better once we do that and can get this move out of the way.  Hopefully we won’t have another one anytime soon.  I’d like to put down roots somewhere.

I also hope I don’t excite the TSA this time…


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