San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio part 2…

The morning of July 4th, we ate breakfast on the Riverwalk.  A very brazen, persistent, and I daresay friendly duck joined us and begged like a dog for our scraps.  There were also sparrows and blackbirds begging, though they weren’t nearly as cute as this duck was.  I took many photos.

We only applied for one house, because the next day was July 4th and we weren’t going to be able to house hunt.  We spent the rest of the week just bumming around.  On the 4th, we went to the Tower of the Americas, a 750 foot tower that was built for the 1968 World’s Fair.  Bill and I visited this attraction the last time we were in San Antonio, but I didn’t get any pictures that time.  Also, they had a “4-D” show that we missed the last time.

It cost about $20 for us to see this attraction, including Bill’s military discount.  The nice thing about it was that the ticket is good for all day, though we knew we’d be going to mother-in-law’s house later.  My ears popped as we took the elevator up to the observatory area.  We walked around and I noticed that a lot of people had apparently leaned on the plexiglass by their foreheads.  There were lots of prints left there.

I got some nice photos…

We didn’t get our fortunes read by Zoltar…  I was kind of tempted, though.

After we took in the views, we saw the 4-D film, which was actually a “ride” of sorts.  You put on funny looking glasses and watch a film while your seat moves and you get sprayed with mist and see smoke.  It was kind of fun to watch the film.  There was a little kid in there with us who was having a ball.

Look closely and you can see Bill wearing goofy glasses.

On the way to the Riverwalk, I spied this very progressive bike rental station… Way to go, San Antonio!

We walked around the Riverwalk some more, along with many, many teenagers…

 I got this shot of Bill standing in front of San Antonio’s namesake…

Later, we went to mother-in-law’s house.  Bill grilled steaks and asparagus and baked potatoes.  We enjoyed chips, salsa, and guacamole, as well as margaritas.  I bonded with two of MIL’s black cats who would come out of hiding.  My mother-in-law is a lot of fun to hang out with.  I like her cats, too… although Bill is very allergic to cats.

Bill just talked to the property manager in Texas and was told another family applied for the house just after we did.  The owner has to decide which one of us gets the house.  I guess I wouldn’t be too heartbroken if we didn’t get the house, since it’s a lot bigger and more expensive than what we really need.  But if we do get it, that will mean the housing search will be over, at least.  I have a feeling the other people will get it if they don’t have pets.  The owners of the house are in Japan, which means they’re probably Air Force folks.


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