San Antonio part 4

We spent July 6th on a road trip to Austin.  I had never been to Austin before and had heard it was a really neat place.  We got there, taking a brief detour through New Braunfels, which I had also heard was a pretty cool place.  We opted not to stop in New Braunfels, though the downtown area was pretty charming.  We also opted not to stop in Austin because it was really hot outside and the downtown area looked a little dead.

I was also feeling cranky because Aunt Flow was in full force.  Little did I know that two days after we took a driving tour of Austin, JimBoob and Michelle Duggar would be in town making speeches about “baby holocausts” and declared that any politician that wasn’t pro-life should be replaced with those who are.  They were probably in or around Austin as Bill and I drove through there.  I’m not a fan of abortion and highly doubt I would ever want or need one, but I do think it should be safe and legal.

Anyway, I managed to get a few shots of Austin from the car.  Then we stopped at Chili’s for lunch.  We would have and really should have found a better place to eat, but I really needed a bathroom and was feeling extremely crabby due to plunging blood sugar.  After fortifying myself with Southwest Egg Rolls and a Diet Coke, we were back on our way to San Antonio.  We visited my husband’s mom again and had a nice time chatting and hanging out with the cats.

Austin skyline…

Texas statehouse

Margaritas with MIL

Two of the three kitties who visited with us

Good shot!

The next day was Bill’s birthday.  I already wrote about the crappy bar experience we had.  Before that, however, Mother-in-law took us out to brunch at Tre Trattoria, in downtown San Antonio.  We had a really nice meal and some very creatively prepared mimosas.

A horse and buggy outside the window…

I had duck confit with an egg on top…

Bill had a big meatball…

Mother-in-law had eggs with pesto…


We really enjoyed this restaurant and would eat there again.  After our shitty bar incident, we went to the Menger Bar and celebrated Bill’s birthday properly.


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