Gotta find a local hotel…

A week from today, our furniture is going bye-bye.  We’ll be in transit, but we have to stay in a local hotel for a couple of nights so we can clean up the house.  I don’t think it’ll take a really long time to get that done, since this house is smaller than the last one was and has no carpets.

Sanford, North Carolina is not the most cosmopolitan place in the world.  Last time we stayed around here, we stayed in Fayetteville, which is pretty far from Sanford.  So I guess I’ll be consulting TripAdvisor to find a suitable place.  And then we will probably stay in a series of La Quintas, since they are famously pet friendly and we will have the dogs with us.

I generally stay with the dogs when we travel with them, so they don’t bother other people or get into trouble.  Last time we moved, it was pretty easy because Atlanta was only about six hours away.  Once we were done cleaning, we went to sleep at a hotel, picked up the dogs, and started driving.  This time, it will take a few days to get where we’re going.  I’ve always wanted to drive across the country, but I’d rather do it in one car and without pets.

It’s a lot more fun to do this kind of trip when it’s really a trip and not a move.


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