Not going to Virginia…

I broke the news to my mom last night that we won’t be coming to Virginia for Thanksgiving.  There are a lot of reasons why I didn’t want to go, but the main reason we’re not going is because it would cost and arm and a leg to fly there.  Last time I checked tickets to Virginia in November, they were over $1400 for both Bill and me.  That’s not much less than what we paid to fly to Scotland last year.

$1400 is a lot to spend on a trip that probably wouldn’t be that much fun.  We’d also have to board the dogs, pay for parking, and rent a car, which would be more expenses that would probably bump the cost up to $2000 or more.  And flying during the holiday season is even more stressful than usual.

I think my mom was disappointed, but she was understanding.  I think she was also expecting me to say we weren’t coming.  I told her that maybe in the spring, we could go to Virginia for a visit.  We’re still trying to figure out how much it costs to live here.

Bill has to go to Miami next week.  I will be home alone, dealing with the crown preparation I have to have done.


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