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Bill and I decided to go on an outing yesterday and had lunch at Freetail Brewing Company just off the 1604 Loop.  The Loop has an official name, but most people refer to it as 1604.  Bill had pointed this place out to me a few times and I had heard from other beer lovers that it was a good place to go for fresh beer.

The entrance… 

Impressive looking patio that is dog friendly.  We saw lots of folks with their four legged friends dining out there…  One guy brought a gorgeous Irish Wolfhound.

Bill decides what beer he prefers.

The dining room from our vantage point.  We got there before the game time rush!

The bar area…

Bill had a Cuban sandwich and I had macaroni and cheese with bacon on top…

I managed about a third of this before I asked for a box.  It’s not the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had, but it was pretty good…

Interesting sign.  

The bar area…


The first round… I had a Chile Limon Wit Beer while Bill had an IPA of some sort…

Chile Fumando… spicy and smokey

Rye Wit


After a pleasant lunch, we left the Freetail Brewing Company.  The dining room had filled up with folks who wanted to watch Texas A&M play Alabama.  I don’t give a damn about sports, but it was entertaining to listen to them cheer every time the Aggies did something awesome.


I wasn’t quite ready to go home, but I did end up needing to pee.  We stopped at a gas station, where I spotted this sign.  My sister used to make Whoopie Pies when I was a little kid, so I got a kick out of this.  I ought to send her this picture…

We ended up driving about Boerne, Texas.  Bill and I had looked at a house there and were really tempted to move there, but it turns out it really is pretty far away from San Antonio.  It would have tripled his commuting time to work.  Maybe when he retires, we can look into moving up there.  I do like Boerne better than Converse.

All this Texas stuff makes me want to travel something fierce, though… I’m ready to plan a new trip.

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