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Back in August 2007, Bill and I visited the San Antonio Flying Saucer, a brew/gastro pub that is part of a chain of similar pubs across the southeast.  In September 2003, we visited the Flying Saucer in Memphis, Tennessee, located near his father’s house.  I proceeded to get a bit drunk, mainly because it was stressful visiting his family in the shadow of Bill’s ex wife.

Anyway, what I remember about our first visit was that there wasn’t a lot of food, but there was a lot of beer.  And it was fun hanging out there, even though we got there in time for a shift change and I could tell our waitress wanted us to move on.  Her attitude changed once we settled the check and Bill tipped her.  So we went to the one in San Antonio in 2007, right after Bill got home from Iraq.  His mom was with us and we had a cute little waitress who was obviously very young.  We kept ordering beers that were on the menu but sold out.  Every time I would pick one, she’d come back and say that they were fresh out.

I turned to Bill and said, “It’s not much of a cheese shop, is it?”  Bill got the reference, but our poor hapless waitress did not…

Today, we went back to the Flying Saucer and proceeded to enjoy an afternoon of Texas beers…

Had to get a shot of this huge Texas flag on the way… storm clouds were brewing…

View from our pub table.

Some of the folks who are regular beerknurds…


I thought it was interesting this sign was posted in the bathroom…  I figure by the time you get there, it’s too late to warn pregnant women about booze.

Thoughtful that they don’t want you to dirty your hands after you wash them…

They have a dog friendly porch.  Might have to bring the dogs sometime.

A flight of Texas beers… They were mostly excellent.

Bill looks thrilled to be at the Flying Saucer…

No, this isn’t as exciting as going to an Irish pub in Ireland, but it’s not bad for an otherwise dull Saturday afternoon.  Our waitress this time was very nice and professional.  She knew her beers; thanked Bill for his service; and invited us to sit in her section next time.

I’m thinking I need a Beer Goddess t-shirt now.

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