Staying home…

Bill and I didn’t really go anywhere this past weekend.  It was a long weekend for him, since he typically gets both Friday and Monday off when there are government holidays like Columbus Day.  I would have liked to have gone and done something, but the weather was kind of bad.  Also, Bill wanted to brew some beer, which requires some time at home.  We had other things to do as well.

I hate the fact that we’re wasting these precious long weekends and not going on trips.  Of course, Texas is more expensive than North Carolina was, so it’s not as easy for us to go on trips anymore anyway.  But last night, Bill did bring up the possibility of taking a “hop” before he retires.  Lackland and Randolph Air Bases are near us and have occasional space available flights.  We could probably get one to California from here.

Bill and I took a space A flight to Germany in 2012 and had a GREAT time.  I am dying to do it again.  I told him if he wanted to plan something, I’m all for it.  We could still do space A flights after he retires, but his priority would be less, meaning the chance we’d be stuck somewhere beyond our desire to be stuck would be greater.

I would love to be able to go somewhere soon… I have the itch to travel.  When we went to Germany in May 2012, we ended up going to Cologne, Munich, Salzburg, and Luxembourg.  It cost us about $40 for the two of us to go to Europe.  We did spend some money while we were there, but you sure can’t beat that price for flying abroad.

The plane that brought us home from our Space A trip to Germany…


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