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So, for our anniversary this year, we visited Saveurs 209, a fairly new French restaurant in San Antonio.  We enjoyed the food so much that we decided to visit again for Thanksgiving dinner.  My mother-in-law went with us for our 7:00 reservation last night.  We were the only ones there until the tail end of our meal, when a lone couple showed up.

I got all dolled up again…  I was high on cava and the fumes of my freshly colored hair…


My mother-in-law, Parker…  She and I started with a glass of Piper Hiesedeck champagne…

Bill peruses the menu… He chose a lovely Gigondas to pair with our Thanksgiving dinner.

A little amuse… chicken, shrimp, and cheese… I think.  It was hot and delicious.

Bill opted for the “Thanksgiving menu”, which was a corn and parmesan soup with a poached egg, turkey stuffed with mushrooms and fois gras, and a pecan and pear tart.  I also had the corn soup, though I had a filet mignon for dinner instead of turkey…

Parker had the same mushroom tart Bill had last time.  I don’t eat mushrooms, but they both said this was a delicious starter.  

Just before we began eating our main courses, a man walked into the restaurant and boldly noted that French people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  He started talked about “just getting out of the hole”, implying that he’d been at war or something.  One look at him told us he was no military guy.  Indeed, he appeared to be looking for a handout.  My guess is the hole he got out of was jail.  I will admit his performance was kind of impressive.  That kind of thing happens to Bill and me a lot when we go out.  The French owner very charmingly but firmly invited the interloper to leave.  I’d say that experience ranks right up there with the one we had in downtown San Antonio in July, when a bum dropped the n bomb on poor Bill…

My filet was perfectly cooked to medium and served with root vegetables and a celery puree.  This was a very interesting surprise for me.  At first, I thought one of the vegetables was potato, but it turned out to be rutabaga.  It was quite tasty.  I also enjoyed the celery puree, which reminded me of mashed potatoes but had a lot less fat and salt in it.

Bill’s turkey.  He said it was delicious.  Again, I don’t eat mushrooms or fois gras… Bill liked the way they did the turkey so much that he asked how it was prepared.  It was very moist.

Parker enjoyed the same sea scallop dish I had last time… 

For dessert, I had a strawberry tart with what tasted like strawberry sorbet.  This was really nice– not too heavy and I could finish it somewhat easily.  

Bill’s pecan and pear tart.

Parker had the hazelnut, coffee, and chocolate dacquois…


We finished with a round of espresso.  Service, once again, was casual yet impeccable as we were tended to by Sylvie and Sylvain, the married couple who, along with their daughter, the chef, own the restaurant.  It was a perfectly delightful meal!  We have no leftovers or clean up to do.  I hope to visit again soon!


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