WestJet pilot gets offensive note from passenger…

Yesterday, I was reading Yahoo! when I came across an article about a female pilot for WestJet who received a sexist note from a passenger who took issue with her gender.  The passenger berated the pilot, Carey Smith Steacy, a Canadian pilot with 17 years of experience, for being in the cockpit.  Apparently, this guy thinks she’d be better off at home, barefoot, pregnant, and cooking dinner for a man.  The offending note was written on a napkin and accused the pilot of “vanity”, since we need more mothers than pilots.

The pilot handled the asshole passenger with class, writing an open letter back, hoping he was joking.  Frankly, I think it’s too bad no one invited the passenger to deplane mid flight.  What a sexist jerk.  I’m sure the world of aviation is still heavily populated with men, but there’s no reason why a woman couldn’t do the job.  And Steacy has certainly proven she is capable.

It’s so scary that there are people in the world who still hold the view that women only belong in the kitchen, especially in a western society.  The note writer said he’d wished he’d known she was at the helm, so he could have booked another flight.  Because goodness knows, it’s much more important that the occupants of the cockpit have a cock than a clean safety record.  Sheesh!  What an idiot.


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