Lunch at Grimaldi’s at the Shops at La Cantera…

Yesterday, Bill and I went shopping for some new work clothes for him.  After a successful trip to Saks Off Fifth, we went to the Shops at La Cantera, which is a huge upscale shopping center where I happen to see my dentist.  Bill had heard about Grimaldi’s, a New York pizzeria style chain in a few states.  They have a coal fire oven there and it’s been awhile since we last had decent pizza.

When we got to Grimaldi’s, it was very busy.  They gave us a “beeper” shaped like a slice of pizza and told us to stay in the area.  We went next door to Teavana, where a very aggressive salesman proceeded to try to sell us a complete tea set.  We did end up going back and buying some tea from the guy, even though he was really pushy!  They had a lot of nice samples there.

Bill looks hungry…

We each ordered a glass of wine, which came to us in little carafes.  Mine was an unexciting glass of Sangiovese that was priced at $10.  Bill had a glass of Super Tuscan for $7.  I think his was better for the money spent.  


We ordered a large regular pizza with spinach, red peppers, and Italian sausage.  The crust was really thin and the sauce was a bit bland.  Still, it was pretty decent compared to some of the other pizza I’ve had in San Antonio.  Grimaldi’s offers white pizza (no sauce) and pizzas with pesto instead of sauce, too.

I was ready for pizza.  After two slices, we packed up the leftovers.  You can get a small or personal pizza if you prefer it.  I like sharing with Bill, though.

For dessert, we split a piece of Bailey’s Irish Cream cheesecake.  It was very nice; not too heavy and a delicious chocolate cookie crust.  The plate was drizzled with Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.


Our waiter was very friendly and attentive and we got good service.  Our bill came to about $49 before the tip.  All in all, it wasn’t a bad experience, though it doesn’t come close to our experience at Dough.  We need to go back there sometime soon for some really great pizza!


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