Nine miles…

That’s about how long we walked today.  We walked down to the beach, then to the port and along the hilly road leading up to the high rent district.  It was exhausting.  We had lunch at a fish restaurant, then had some ice cream at a nearby mall.

Afterwards, we came back to the hotel room and I took a very long nap while Bill finished schoolwork.  We’re going to eat a low key dinner in our room tonight.  Tomorrow, we’ll go to Frankfurt and determine what the plan is for going home.  I’m kind of ready, though I love Europe.  I’s time to do laundry and writing.  I also have lots of pictures.

We could go out and see more of Nice tonight, but we’re kind of winding down…  Besides, pay day isn’t until Friday and cash is getting short.  Nice was a good place to end, though.  Love this city!


2 thoughts on “Nine miles…

  1. I hope you were wearing comfortable shoes.Frankfurt always makes me think of the book \”Heidi.\” (I cannot italicize in comments.) My auntie read it to me when I was sick after I donated bone marrow to my mom.

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