Pee…. you…

This little apartment we’re in right now is okay, though I did notice that it smelled vaguely of urine.  I looked around and finally found a long dried puddle of something brown.  I cleaned it up and now notice things don’t stink so much.  I am guessing it was dog pee based only on the size of the puddle, but it sort of smelled more like cat whiz.

I have no idea how long that dried piss puddle was there…  it says nothing about the quality of housekeeping services in this place.  The guy who was in this place before we were left dirty dishes and old food in the fridge that Bill had to dispose of.  Apparently, the guest fridge, which is a regular sized American model, is full of stuff just left here by other people…  Kinda gross.

On the other hand, it beats paying over twice as much for half as much space, right?

I think the maids are here today.  They’re making a lot of noise in the hallway, which kind of annoys me because I wanted to take a nap earlier.  Oh well.  I should be doing something constructive anyway.  It’ll be good when we find a more permanent place to live.


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