This move has been very lucky so far…

I can’t help but compare our move to Germany in 2007 to our move to Germany in 2014.  In 2007, there were no Facebook groups to help people moving to Europe.  There was a big learning curve and we arrived here not really knowing what the hell was going on.  We spent six weeks in a rather crappy hotel that wasn’t all that convenient, but it was very pet friendly.

This time, we spent one week in a nicer hotel and moved to a small apartment, where we still stay until early September, when our new house will be available to move into.  The apartment isn’t perfect, but it beats living in a hotel room.  At least we can cook and if the person who left their laundry in the machine ever picks it up, we can do laundry too.

I don’t think there are quite as many people here as there were last time, though you’d never know it based on parking.  Last time we were here, a bunch of people were going to Iraq and Afghanistan.  That’s no longer the case and the military is cutting back.  It’s expensive to move to Germany, so I’m guessing not as many slots are being filled by military folks.  Bill has said that the office where he works is mostly staffed with contractors like him.  And the Department of Defense is not reimbursing to move people here, so those who are here will have a lot of work because it’s not so easy to move here if you have a family and don’t have money saved.

I have a feeling we could stay here a long while if we want to.  There’s always a chance my hunch is wrong.  I bat about 500 when it comes to these things.  But Obama will be in office until January 2017, which means things probably won’t change too much budget wise.

Anyway, I’m hoping there won’t be any more moves for at least a couple of years.  I hope this time, we’ll get to enjoy Europe for longer than barely two years.


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