Review of Hotel Flora in Stuttgart-Mohringen…

Bill and I spent a week at Hotel Flora, which is on Filderbahnstrasse in Mohringen.  I chose this hotel when we were in Texas because we needed a place that was pet friendly and not too far from Kelley Barracks, which is where Bill is working.  I typed “pet friendly hotels Mohringen” and Hotel Flora was the first place that came up.  It got good reviews on Trip Advisor and had availability, so we went with it.

We arrived at the hotel exhausted on August 3, 2014.  The night before, we were on an overnight flight from Houston, Texas to Frankfurt.  After two hours in the airport collecting our bags, our dogs, and our rental car, we spent another couple of hours on the autobahn and were pretty wiped out by the time we checked into the hotel.

The lady at the front desk didn’t speak any English; fortunately, Bill speaks some German and understands it pretty well.  She gave me a look when our dogs pulled me outside and peed on the immaculate lawn.  I was sorry about that, but the poor things had been stuck in carriers for hours and though we gave them a pit stop on the way to Mohringen, they were still adjusting.  I had grabbed a couple of plastic bottles and absent-mindedly placed them on the counter as Bill was checking us in.  I almost forgot to take them until she called my attention to them.

Our room was #29.  It was in a building separate from the main one and we were no doubt assigned it because our of our hounds.  It was a fairly comfortable room; somewhat large with a little patio to its back, a minibar, free WiFi, a couch, and plenty of storage.  The bathroom was pretty tiny– the shower especially so.  But it was very clean, basically pleasant, and very traditionally German.  We had a TV in the room, but Bill never did get it to work.  It looked like it lacked a power cord, though it was hooked up to cable.  No matter… we aren’t into German TV anyway.

I promptly got into bed and fell asleep, only to be awakened a few hours later by the people living in the house next door.  They were enjoying a Sunday game of football.  Ordinarily, that wouldn’t bother me, but since I was tired, I was a bit cranky.  There’s also a lot of traffic noise because the hotel is situated between two major roads and near churches that ring bells a lot, especially on Sundays.

There are plenty of restaurants near this hotel and we had the chance to try several of them.  You can read my reviews on this blog.  Hotel Flora also offers a very generous breakfast, which is included in the room rate.  The breakfast is basically a large buffet with breads, cold cuts, cheeses, cereals, yogurts, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, juices, tea, and coffee.  One other note– the mini bar was well stocked and reasonably priced.  They even had appropriate glassware for the beers in the fridge.  You may not be able to find an extra pillow in the cabinets, but by God, you’ll have the right glass for your hefeweizen.

Housekeeping is pretty good, though they weren’t consistent as to when they’d show up.  Since we had dogs, that was kind of inconvenient.  Some days they’d come at 10:00am; sometimes, they’d show up at 3:00pm.  I never knew when they needed to clean the room, so I’d end up waiting for them so I could take the dogs out.  I will say, though, that the staff is very nice and helpful.

Parking is available in an underground garage connected to the hotel.  It costs six euros a day.  Reception closes at 2:30 on Sundays, but if you need to check in, you can go to the hotel’s sister property.  I don’t know where that is, but a number is posted on the front door.  Smoking is allowed in some rooms; if you are sensitive to smoke, you should request a non smoking room.  If you want to smoke, you can request a room that allows it.

Hotel Flora is very close to an S-bahn stop, which was nice for Bill.  There’s also a bus stop close to the hotel.

We spent about $1000 for our week at Hotel Flora.  We are now in an apartment, which is a lot cheaper than the hotel was.  We have found a house, but won’t be moving in until September 1.  All in all, this move is going more smoothly than our first one here went.  Someday when I’m bored, I will write about our six weeks at the Vaihinger Hof, which was a crazy but fun place to be.  😉

Overall, I would recommend Hotel Flora, though it may not be the most conducive place for military folks to be long-term.  It worked out fine for us, though, and they were very nice about our dogs… but then, we paid an extra 20 euros (10 per dog) per day to allow them to stay there.  Had we not had dogs or a car, our rate would have been 83 euros a night.


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