German style Chinese takeout and beer in plastic bottles…

Bill decided he wanted to try the local Chinese place here in Kemnat.  I didn’t go with him to this place because I was more interested in messing around on the computer.  He asked me what I wanted, reminding me it was unlikely they’d have a pu pu platter (and they didn’t, of course).  I told him some kind of poultry would be fine.

So Bill went to this place and came back with this…

The top dish is crispy duck served with a sweet and sour sauce with sprouts, carrots, and pineapple.  It came with a side of rice.  The other dish is spicy chicken with very fresh vegetables and rice.  I tasted it, but let Bill enjoy it, because he likes spicy food more than I do.  I have to say, this Chinese takeout was really excellent.  That duck was to die for.

We washed it down with cheap beer.  This is Schloss and it comes in a plastic bottle, akin to what you’d find at a concert venue.  The plastic doesn’t change the taste of the beer and probably makes it safer to carry if you’re doing a beer run on foot, like Bill was.  The label actually had the logo of the Netto! market, which is where Bill purchased it.


I don’t remember eating a lot of Chinese food last time we were here.  I know we did visit the big Chinese place in Vaihingen where the Schwaben Gallerie (a big shopping mall) is.  I can’t remember the name of it… I know it’s King’s Palace or something like that.  But it was a very fancy place, if I recall correctly.  You order a dish and they have little mini stoves they put them on that keep them warm.  I think yesterday might have been our first time eating German style Chinese takeout.  It won’t be the last time.

We have one more week to go before we are in our house.  I’m hoping our stuff starts showing up soon.  This month in transit has had a profound effect on my mood and poor Bill is starting to feel the heat.  Of course, sleeping on the floor will probably have an even bigger effect on my mood.  We wouldn’t be facing that prospect if the boxes we mailed from Texas would get here.  Unfortunately, the local APO post offices don’t seem to handle “General Delivery” very well.


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