Adventures in German laundry…

It’s time for me to re-learn how to do laundry in Europe.  European washers and dryers are different than American machines are.  They use different mechanisms in order to get the job done and are also quite a bit smaller.

My new washer, which I had to get down to the basement by myself…  I think chasing Zane through the neighborhood gave me an extra adrenaline boost.

My new dryer… It’s very small, but gets the job done.


I agonized over buying these machines.  They both are supposed to handle 7kg at a time, which, from what I was able to discern, is about medium sized for Europe.  I bought a LG washer because that was what we used when the Army supplied us with a machine and I figured I’d have an easier time figuring out how to use it.  My machine is different than the one we borrowed last time.  When a cycle ends after a couple of hours, it plays a triumphant little melody.  It’s very cutesy.

The washing machine is capable of spinning at 1400 RPMs at a time.  When it goes that fast, the machine moves.  Last night, it moved so violently that it came unplugged.  I had to find a less powerful cycle lest that machine go into orbit.  This machine also heats water after it goes into the washer, rather than pumping hot water in from the house.

I bought a Beko dryer.  It was the cheapest one available and comes from Turkey, but it got good reviews.  It’s an exhaust dryer.  Fortunately, the house we’re in is equipped for that.  Not all German homes are.  That’s why you can also buy a heat pump or condenser dryer, both of which use different mechanisms to get the job done.  I preferred to get a machine that works in a manner to which I am already accustomed.  When a dryer cycle is done, this machine also plays a cute little tune.  Last time we were in Germany, we had an American dryer, which was a lot easier to use.  I probably could have gotten one at the furniture store at Robinson Barracks or purchased one used, but it seemed to be more trouble that it was worth.

I think I’m on my fourth load today and I’ve been washing since early this morning.  I have one more load to go.  Each one takes about two hours, then the dryer takes an hour or more.  If it were a little sunnier and warmer today, I might have used the clothesline, though we still don’t have any clothespins.

You can also buy machines that both wash and dry.  I’m sure they save space…  I’m also sure they take forever to get through a cycle.  At least if you have a washer and dryer, they can each do a job at the same time.

I think I prefer the American style of doing laundry, though I must admit these European machines do a good job of getting clothes clean, even if they take forever, have cutesy little beeps and buzzers on them, and can’t handle a lot at one time.  Really, I’m just glad to have clean underwear, though.


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