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More adventures in German laundry…

I think I fixed the washing machine.  I did a couple of loads yesterday and tried operating the machine on a lower level so it wouldn’t spin so fast.  I moved the carpet so the machine would be more level.  I even tried putting the machine on a rubber mat.  None of these measures worked and my washer still sounded like it was going to blow up or walk out of the laundry room on its own.

Finally, in desperation, I took yet another look at the owner’s manual to try to troubleshoot the issue.  Bill had set the machine up and I thought he’d done it right.  And he did basically set the machine up correctly, though he omitted what turned out to be one very important step.  He didn’t remove the “transit bolts”.

These are “transit bolts”.  They are supposed to be fitted on the machine when it’s moved.  They look really heavy duty, like they are part of the machine’s innards.  It turns out that if you don’t remove them, your machine will shake violently and make a terrible racket.

Here you can see the white plastic cap, which you use to cover the holes after you remove the bolts.

A shot of the back of the washer.  You can’t really see them too well, but there are four holes now covered by the white caps that were once filled by “transit bolts”.

She’s running right now!  No more crazy vibrating or racket.


Thank God I figured that out.  I bet a lot of people end up not removing those bolts because they don’t look like something you’d need to remove.  If we ever move the washer, we’re supposed to put them back on the machine.  Supposedly, they prevent internal damage during transit.  Of course, if you don’t remove them, your machine will sound like it’s going to self-destruct or go into orbit.

I wish the instructions had been a bit clearer.  The illustrations in the owner’s manual didn’t really make it clear what the bolts looked like and I finally had to guess.  I hesitated, too, because I was afraid I was going to break the machine.  I guess I’m more mechanically inclined than I realized, though.  Well, that’s one less problem that needs solving!  Yea!

As an added note, the little melody my washing machine plays at the end of a cycle reminds me of the Mr. Ed theme song.


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