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Horseshit.  I took a picture of this in case someday I want to illustrate a pile of poo.

The dogs and Bill enjoy our energy burning walk…

I keep trying to get a photo of how beautiful and cool these trees look…  and it never works.  I need to play with the camera settings…

I thought these trees looked interesting.  Just after I took this shot, Zane got on a scent and he and Arran howled, bayed, and barked for the next half hour… or so it seemed.  They would not shut up.  One nice thing about living near the forest is that the dogs can make a racket without annoying others… except maybe us…

On the way to Herrenberg…  Germany is so freakin’ beautiful.

Shots of Tuebingen…  

Bill enjoys driving with the top down in my Mini…

And we ran across these ladies on horseback near where we used to live…  I miss having horses!

A shot of Wurlinger Chapel.  This used to be what we’d see in our backyard.

It’s wine country down here, too!

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