German Unity Day was yesterday…

Most of my neighbors were at home, though things were very quiet around here.  October 3, 1990 is the day that Germany officially unified, though the Berlin Wall started crumbling in 1989.  Of course I remember it, since I was a teen at the time.  I remember growing up with Germany divided.  Bill remembers living here when the wall came down and Germany came together.

Bill and I have yet to really see Berlin, other than the dilapidated airport, which I understand will be replaced.  We’re hoping to steal away for a weekend soon.  Maybe we’ll go to Berlin and check it out. I would like to see Germany’s capital, now that I’m living here for the second time.  I’ve heard it’s a wonderful city, too.

Bill said the autobahns were empty yesterday.  I wonder how Germans celebrate.  Do they stay home and have a nice meal or do they go to Italy or France for a long weekend?  Or do they sit around watching the news?  I should ask our landlords.

By the way, this was the East German national anthem…  


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