Adventures in car inspection…

A couple of days ago, Bill took our 2006 Toyota RAV4 to be inspected.  Last time we were here we brought that car.  There were no issues because it was 2007 and the car was practically brand new.  This time, the brake pads, shocks, and tires need replacing.  So the Toyota still has the weird temporary license plate on it.

Yesterday, Bill took my 2009 Mini Cooper convertible to be inspected.  It passed with no problems.  However, the guy who inspected it, a very proper young German man who interned with Mercedes Benz, happened to notice my Go Cocks bumper sticker.  For those not in the know, the sticker refers to the University of South Carolina, which is where I went to graduate school.  “Cocks” is short for Gamecocks, the school’s mascot.

Of course, the German guy also knew the other euphemism for the word “cock”.  So, he looked around discreetly, to make sure no one was in ear shot.  Then he turned to Bill and said very seriously, “A rooster and a cat were walking along a brook.  Suddenly, the rooster pushed the cat into the water, soaking him.  Then he laughed.  What is the moral of the story?”

Bill didn’t know.

So the inspector says, “A wet pussy always makes for a happy cock!”  Then, Bill reports, the inspector covered his mouth as if slightly ashamed and giggled.

Germans are an interesting group of people.  I’ve noticed they tend to like off color humor, but they are often so proper that they don’t want to act as if they do.  I find it a rather endearing characteristic.  Of course, I wouldn’t dare tell that joke to a German I just met.  Obviously, the inspector correctly surmised that Bill has a wonderful sense of humor and appreciation for the vulgar.

My Mini when it was brand new…


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