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Will the third time be the charm? The Auld Rogue again…

Bill and I went back to The Auld Rogue for the third time in as many weeks.  We went today because we wanted to try the spareribs, which I noticed they were offering again.  I had heard they were delicious.  Today, our friend the bartender was there, along with a tall, muscular, and very friendly Irish lad, who was quick to welcome us and offer drinks.


Bill and I both had Guinness today.  I love the creamy heads on them, though I didn’t get a clover today.

We both had spareribs…


Lemme just say, those ribs were awesome.  I believe they were beef ribs.  I was surprised, because I thought they’d be pork.  They were cooked to perfection and slathered with a delicious but very spicy sauce.  I joked to Bill that the spices no doubt get people to want to drink more.  The ribs at The Auld Rogue were the best ones I’ve had in a long while.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  I probably ought to take a pre-emptive antacid, though.

The portion size was about right, too.  It was a little more than I could eat, but not so much that I felt like I needed a to go box.  The only thing that would have made them better is if I’d gotten the sauce on the side.  Bill loved the sauce because he likes spicy food.  I am more of a wimp when it comes to hot stuff, though I did really enjoy the flavor.

I had to take a photo from a different vantage point… and I got a kick out of the “guest beers”.  They’re all German.

A perfect Guinness…

I think the bartender has us pegged.  He told Bill he couldn’t leave until he signed up for next weekend’s beer tasting.  We’d love to, but we’re going to the States and won’t be around next weekend.  All these trips to The Auld Rogue make me want to book a trip to Ireland.  I think we’ll be doing that sooner rather than later.

One of these days– very soon– we WILL get to the Greek restaurant a block down the street.  ETA: As of 2020, we still haven’t.


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