Adventures in German style dentistry…

I’m overdue for a cleaning.  I also have a suspicious swollen area on my gum that I think may be a draining abscess.  It doesn’t hurt much, but I need to get it looked at.  I’ve been dentist shopping for awhile now, but have put off going because Bill was slow to get our dental insurance started.  As it is now, we have coverage starting January 1.  But I need to go in sooner than that because if I have an abscess, really bad things could happen.

Complicating matters is the fact that the affected tooth is one of two baby teeth I still have.  Last year, I got the fillings in both teeth replaced, but I think the gum area around that tooth has developed pockets and that’s why I’m having this issue right now.  I really don’t want to get it extracted, but I may need to.  And then it’s implant time.  I could probably get a bridge, but I really don’t want to put crowns on the teeth next to that little baby tooth.  For one thing, getting crowns really sucks and I want to keep my natural teeth for as long as possible.  For another, one of the teeth next to the baby tooth isn’t very big.

All of this is likely to cost a mint, even with insurance.  And I have a bad feeling that I’m going to end up having to write nasty letters like I did last year to MetLife Dental.  I have sent an email to a local practice, though, that I hope will get me in this week so I can at least address what looks like an infection.

If it all costs too much, maybe I can do a dental vacation to Hungary or Poland.


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