How I stay sane being a lonely overeducated housewife in Germany…

I spend a lot of time alone, so the Internet is kind of my lifeline to other people.  I do have two dogs who keep me company and of course, there’s always Facebook.  But there’s also another online place I like to frequent.  It’s where I indulge my love of singing.

I’m actually a pretty good singer and I love to go to karaoke bars, though if I’m honest, a lot of people don’t always like it when I sing.  But since I am not in any groups or taking lessons, karaoke remains an outlet.  I like to sing on because it gives me the chance to practice my music without annoying other people.  I’ve also met some good folks there.  It’s a great diversion, and I spend less money and drink less than I might at a bar.  Also, no one confuses me for the host when I sing at home online.

Still, there are times when I miss having a crowd.  Someday, we might have to find a karaoke venue near us…  or I might have to venture to the Community Club.

For now, this keeps me busy enough…


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