I’d gladly pay you Tuesday…

for a Hamburger today…Last night, Bill brought me the champagne bucket.  As I wrote in the blog post I just linked to, sometimes we use the bucket to help us decide where to vacation.  Martin Luther King weekend is coming up.  Bill arranged for a couple of extra days off.  We put the names of certain cities in the bucket and I had Bill draw.  He ended up picking Hamburg.  I don’t know if that means we’ll be eating hamburgers, though.

I’m actually kind of excited to go to Hamburg, even though it means we won’t be leaving Germany for this trip.  I have never been to Hamburg before or really anywhere in northern Germany.  We have been to Cologne, but that’s a bit south of Hamburg.  Our trip through Berlin doesn’t count, since that was just to change planes.  Incidentally, Berlin was also a possibility.

I look forward to seeing what Hamburg looks like and eating some good fish.  Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and is considered a gateway to Europe.  A lot of cruises leave and end there, too, so being familiar with Hamburg could prove useful if we decide to take another cruise while we’re here.

We got a non-stop flight on Air Berlin that will have us in Hamburg in just over an hour.  I also scored us a nice room at the Sofitel.  I asked Bill how much he wanted to spend.  He didn’t know, so I budgeted $1000.  We came in under that until I opted to add insurance in case we have to change our plans.  I doubt we’d need to, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe and it was less than $50.  We could have spent less money on a cheaper property, but the savings would have been minimal.  The airfare used more than half of the $1000.  I gave thought to using a train, but it would have been a long ride.  With only three nights, we didn’t want to waste time on the train.

Interesting that we are going to Hamburg.  Just the other day at The Auld Rogue, we overheard the barkeep talking to a customer who said he was going to be moving to Hamburg.  The bartender then said Hamburg is a great city– one of his favorites for the bars alone.  This could turn out to be an interesting trip.

So stay tuned.  Pretty soon, I’ll be posting about another trip!


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