Lo and behold, we DID go to a different restaurant…

I’m ashamed to admit this, but for the first time ever today, Bill and I visited the Waldheim Restaurant near Panzer Kaserne.  I remember seeing the signs for it when we lived in the Stuttgart area from 2007-09.  I think I even remember trying to go there once.  We never made it, though, for whatever reason.

I had heard that this locally famous restaurant in Böblingen was going to close.  Then Bill said they weren’t closing; they were just going to be moving somewhere else.  I see on their homepage that it does look like they will relocate within the next few months.  I hope they find a good spot, since they have been in their current place for 35 years as of March and it is a very nice area in the woods.  Meanwhile, I’m really happy Bill and I finally got to eat there.

We had a little snow.

Mucho vino!

When we drove up, the parking area was hosting plenty of vehicles.  It was pretty obvious the place was open for business.  We walked in and were greeted by a handsome young man who invited us to sit at a six top near the bar area.  I was charmed by the placemats they had, which offered Schwabish translations of high German words.  Of course, if you don’t speak high German, you may not know what the words mean.  I got some of them and the placemat was a welcome distraction; almost as welcome as the couple sitting behind us with the adorable Golden Retriever.  We had run into them at The Auld Rogue, too, so it was a pleasure to see all three of them again!  I love that dogs are so welcome in Germany and only wish my two were well-behaved enough to join us during our lunch outings.

Learn Schwabish while you wait!

Bill checks out the menu.

Bill and I had beer.  I had a hefeweizen and he had a hells.  We both had schnitzel  His was of the Vienna variety, while mine was the “Waldheim” type– that is, it came unbreaded and with Hollandaise sauce.  Yes, we were going for extra calories today.

I sat next to these two…

After the couple with the Golden Retriever left, a German lady brought another Golden in… He appeared to be in training of some sort.  He was very pretty, friendly, and well-behaved and I noticed him getting a much adored belly rub from another guest.  Like I said… dogs are fine with me in a restaurant.  I’d rather hang around dogs than many people.

The food was filling and tasty and I was enjoying watching everyone come and go.  I decided to have a dunkelweizen and Bill had a cup of coffee while we chatted.  We had a nice view of what looked like a rappelling tower/zipline apparatus, though we didn’t get close enough to have a look.  The weather was especially weird, snowing and sleeting one minute, then sunny and breezy the next.

My “Waldheim” Schnitzel…  I think the Hollandaise had curry in it.  It was good and not as filling as Bill’s Wiener Schnitzel.

Bill almost finished this…  All told, our bill was 38,90.  What a bargain!  😉

We didn’t have dessert, but I did notice the boy behind us enjoying a very fancy dish of ice cream.  Maybe next time.

I can see why so many Americans enjoy the Waldheim Restaurant so much.  The food is very good and reasonably priced.  There’s plenty of wine, beer, and liquor.  The atmosphere is friendly and hospitable.  The surroundings are pleasant and attractive.  It’s within walking distance of Panzer, too.  I hope we’ll get to go back again before the restaurant closes and/or moves to a new location.

We stopped by the Shoppette on the way home.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of a box of dreadful American beers…

So we finally broke out of our rut.  Next weekend, I hope to write about Hamburger restaurants…  if you know what I mean.


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