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I was just playing SongPop on Facebook.  Between rounds, I had to watch an ad for the game’s sponsors.  This is what played…

Now… although Americans are becoming a whole lot less prudish about sex than they once were, I doubt I’d see anything like this on American television.  I have to give mad props to the ad agency that came up with this.  It’s very creative and funny., for your edification, is a sex store.  You can buy vibrators, paddles, and whatnot there.  Not that I’m in the market for any sex toys.  Maybe I should be, though.

And sex sells Sprite, too…

In America, we got Paris Hilton washing cars while eating a big Carl Jr.’s burger…

At least the German ads make me laugh.  I love that you can see ads for vibrators in German media.  In the USA, the most we get are ads for lube.

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