Our second Hello Fresh meal

Last night Bill and I enjoyed our second Hello Fresh meal.  When I say we “enjoyed it”, I’m being truthful.  I liked it better than the first one Bill fixed on Wednesday night.  One of the reasons it went better was because Bill took the recipe to work and had it translated before he started trying to cook it.  That made for a much less hectic cooking experience and better prepared food.  Here are some photos of the process of making last night’s meal of chicken with carrot-yogurt salad and baked sweet potato wedges.

Bill’s translated directions…


Chopping red onion, carrot, and lemon…

These were served as a garnish.  We don’t usually have those in our house!

Red onion “cooking” in a little lemon juice.  The citrus cooked onions were added to chopped carrots, almonds, a little yogurt, almonds, and parsley for a very nice salad.  We don’t usually have “those” in our house, either!

Sweet potato wedges baking in the oven.  These were later seasoned with a spice mix that came with the Hello Fresh kit.  The spices really added an interesting twist to the sweet potatoes.  I don’t even like sweet potatoes very much, but I enjoyed these very much.

Carrot being grated. 


Cooking the chicken.  We got a little more chicken than beef and it was very good, especially with the yogurt dressing Bill made to go with it.  It reminded me a little of tzatziki.  I don’t usually like yogurt much, either, but was pleasantly surprised.

The end result.  

Very tasty!

Much to my surprise, I liked this meal more than I did the steak and potatoes we had on Wednesday.  One of the main reasons I liked it better was because the end result turned out more like what I think the Hello Fresh people envisioned.  Our first attempt was made more difficult by Bill’s attempt to translate as he went along.  By getting the recipe pre-translated, he saved himself time and effort and was more able to concentrate on the cooking.  Yes, it should go without saying that non-German speakers should get the recipes translated before trying to cook the Hello Fresh.  I just want to emphasize that it made a world of difference in the quality of our end product.

This meal was easier to make and the chicken portions were larger.  We had plenty to eat and I attained a new appreciation for sweet potatoes, yogurt, and salad.  That’s a good thing.  We have one more meal to try before we decide if we want to subscribe to Hello Fresh or just order another single box.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a winner.  It’s pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, and mascarpone cheese, which I have a feeling I will love.  Stay tuned!


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