Human error at Neuer Ochsen…

Bill and I decided to take a break from our usual Sunday haunt.  We went to the Neuer Ochsen, which is a restaurant we like, but haven’t been to since October.

A very handsome young man invited us to sit at a table near a window.  I had decided to try something different today instead of the “fitness salad” I usually get (and, between you and me, doesn’t seem so fitness oriented).  I ordered a lentil and sausage plate and a dark beer.  Imagine my surprise when I somehow ended up with a Wiener Schnitzel instead of what I ordered.

It turned out the waiter had put in the wrong order.  Fortunately, I didn’t mind.  A Wiener Schnitzel is a good standby and the one they serve at Neuer Ochsen is reasonably sized.  So though they offered to get me the right dish, I said it was okay that they brought me a schnitzel.  They gave us a round of espresso on the house for our trouble.

Partially eaten wrong meal…  Luckily, it was pretty good.  I liked the side of jam, too.  It tasted like cranberries (I have since learned that the jam is actually Preiselbeer marmalade  but it’s unusual to get that with a Wiener Schnitzel.  They usually serve it with game or turkey).  Bill had something that tasted a lot like my schnitzel, except the breading was seasoned with mustard and it came with potato salad instead of fries.

This espresso came with a little glass of fizzy water.


It’s good that I wasn’t “hangry” today, either.  I handled the mistake with charm and grace rather than frustration and bitterness.  Good thing I had a handful of cashews before we left the house.  Otherwise, this might have turned out differently.  ;-D


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