Favorite German snacks…

I admit it.  I like junk food.  I try not to buy a lot of it because my ass doesn’t need any more gifts than it already gets.  But sometimes, if I happen to be at a German grocery store or at the drink market, I’ll pick up a couple of bags of snacks.  Last week, I picked up these…

The German version of “Funions”…

And cheese balls…  these are a bit earthier than their American counterparts.


I’ve also been known to pick up a bag of peanut butter curls.  They’re basically peanut butter flavored “cheetos” and they are extremely addictive.  My German friend Susi introduced them to me when I lived in North Carolina.  I had no idea that I’d soon be back in a place where I could get them easily.

I don’t have any of these at home right now.

I’m a big fan of Ritter Sports too.  They’re made right here in the Stuttgart area and are perfect for slaying the PMS beast every month.

Bill just brought me this… a butter pretzel and a spicy sausage.  The sausage was a bit spicier than I like it.   But at least I know I won’t get hangry today.


After I finish my beer, I think it’ll be time for a walk.  Bill needs to break away from his studies and I need to use the present I just gave my ass.




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