Our visit to Brauhaus Schoenbuch Boeblingen….

Apparently, the Brauhaus Schoenbuch Boeblingen is a local landmark.  My husband, Bill, had been there more than once for an office party or a hail and farewell.  Somehow, I missed visiting there last time we lived in the Stuttgart area.

Some ladies in a local Facebook group said they wanted us all to visit there for a lunch.  I had never been there and am extremely neurotic about driving, especially in Germany.  I have no reason to be neurotic.  To date, I have gotten exactly one speeding ticket in my lifetime.  I just don’t like driving, even though I’m pretty good at it.  I hesitated agreeing to go and, in fact, told Bill that we needed to visit there this weekend so I’d at least have an idea of where the place is.

So we went to Panzer today so I could pick a new ugly rug for our living room, we could drop off some empty bottles at the Shoppette/Military Clothing Sales, and I could see this mythical brauhaus for myself.

We arrived at the place at almost three o’clock…

As you can see, the parking lot was packed…

We sat at the one empty table, which was cleaned up after we took our seats.

The place was busy… but I had to get a shot of the brewery equipment…

The menu is in German and English and has plenty of choices.  The beer in the photo is the current “strong beer” being offered.  It’s very good, and I say this as a committed beer lover.  


I was pretty hungry when we went into the place.  Brunch was still in full swing… at about 25 euros a person, that was a bit steep for Bill and me, especially since we never eat that much food.  I was kind of wanting wurst, but ended up ordering a Schweinhaxe.  Bill had the lentils and sausage plate.  The waiter took pains to tell me that my dish would be huge.  I asked if we could take it with us.  He said yes, so I told him to bring it to me…

Bill’s dish came with lentils, “German wieners”, and spatzle.  

Our waiter was not lying when he said the pork knee was “huge”…  It really was!  You will need the sharp knife, too.  Those “cracklin’s” are tough!

But seriously, this was less than 11 euros…  I ordered the Farmer’s bread to go with it.  For maybe a euro more, you could get a dumpling…  The potato salad is excellent!


The food was very hearty.  Our waiter was right to tell me it was a lot of food.  I managed less than a third of that pork knee, even with Bill’s help.  So I asked him to bring me something so I could take it to go.  I could tell he was annoyed by the request, though he should have anticipated it.  He brought me foil and a plastic bag…

So I made a swan!  I have to admit, that made the waiter smile.  Glad to know I haven’t lost my touch since the days when I used to wait tables…  I think my leftovers will last at least two meals.  


We stayed a bit longer for a round of the very delightful and very fresh “strong beer” they have going right now.  Bill enjoyed a Naturtrüb and I had a hefeweizen.  For our two lunches and the five beers we enjoyed between us, we paid just under 40 euros.  An added bonus, the place is within walking distance of Panzer; but it also has plenty of parking for those of us not in the neighborhood and neurotic about driving in Germany.  There are also plenty of reasonably clean toilets!  That may mean nothing to people who aren’t beer drinkers, but it means everything to me.

One last shot… after the lunch crowd left, the bar was in full, glorious view…

So Bill and I had a great time.  I hope to be back at the Schoenbuch Brauhaus soon… maybe even tomorrow if I don’t chicken out.

I almost wish I’d had room for dessert.  It looked like they had some good choices.  I saw a lot of coffee drinkers at the very least, a cute little Jack Russell Terrier, and one couple who walked out on their check.  🙁



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