Adventures in German baking…

Perhaps it’s unfair to refer to my baking as German…  really, it’s more like me just baking American style in Germany!  I haven’t yet tried any German recipes, unless you count our Hello Fresh meals.  Bill makes those and they don’t really count as baking anyway.  I did recently acquire a Schwabish cookbook which I may decide to use someday.  Today, I decided to bake some bread.

I decided to bake bread after watching this video, which someone posted in a local Facebook group…

This video made me laugh…  It also made me want to bake bread in the worst way.

I went to my puny German kitchen and found my trusty Virginia Hospitality cookbook, where I found a recipe for French bread.  I had never actually used that particular recipe before; I usually opt for the one in my Betty Crocker cookbook.  But I was feeling daring today, so I used the “new-to-me” recipe…

My bread as it bakes…

I must admit, my bread turned out beautifully, except the bottom was not as brown as it probably should have been.  I don’t care, though.  I’d rather have pale bread bottoms than burnt bread.  And it was baked long enough that it’s not falling apart, so there you go.

I find baking in Germany a bit challenging because of the Metric system.  I did learn how to do temperature conversion back when I took high school chemistry.  In fact, that particular lesson was the only one that made any sense to me.  I barely squeaked out of my chemistry class with a D.  Of course, it’s been many years since I was 16 and I have completely forgotten how to do temperature conversion.  I’m also too lazy to consult a conversion chart.

Yes… this tastes good…  I guessed correctly when I set the oven’s temperature.


I used to bake a lot more often than I do now.  Unfortunately, I like baking comfort foods and my ass gets enough gifts as it is from all the beer I drink.  So I try not to give in to the urge to bake in an attempt to prevent my ass from getting its own area code.  Sometimes I fail, though.

I’m actually dying to learn how to make a Black Forest Cake.  Of course if I made one, we’d never finish it.  I need to make more friends.


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