Ten things I learned in Vienna…

Lately, I’ve been writing these list of ten things I’ve learned whenever I go somewhere.  Our trip to Vienna was my second, but it had been many years since my list visit.  I remembered some things about it, but in other ways it was a total reorientation to a great city.  So here are ten new things I learned while we were in Vienna.

1.  If you visit a cafe in Vienna, the waiter will bring a small glass of water.  You can stay as long as the glass has water in it.

2.  Vienna’s metro system is very easy to figure out and convenient.  It’s economical, too.  Only 2,20 euros a trip if you pay full price.

3.  Beware of the guys in the period costumes.  You’ll find them around all of the major tourist attractions.  They will try to get you to go to a concert.  It may be fun or it may suck.  😉

4.  You can take a train to Bratislava or a hydrofoil.  I recommend making time to see Bratislava.  It’s another world capital very closeby, yet completely different.

5.  Music is everywhere in Vienna, especially classical.  But karaoke is available too, and it’s a lot of fun!

Music is even in the gardens…

6.  The graffiti is fascinating.  So are the signs.

7.  There’s a statue dedicated to the plague in Vienna.

8.  Vienna has an awesome airport!

9.  If you get tired of Austrian food, the Italian food is worth investigating.  I noticed a lot of Italians in Vienna, so you’re sure to find an authentic restaurant.  Here’s one we liked.

10.  If you walk through the Lippizaner stables at around 11:00, you might catch a glimpse of them.

We loved Vienna.  I hope we can go back sooner than 18 years from now!


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