Turkish food in Ludwigsburg!

Bill and I went to Ludwigsburg yesterday to ditch some empty beer bottles at Heinrich’s.  We were headed to a beer tasting last night and wanted to pick up a couple of bottles for our host.  Last time we were in Ludwigsburg, I got really hangry.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t get that way yesterday, so we fortified ourselves with a nice breakfast before the trip.

Ludwigsburg happened to be teeming with people yesterday, since there was a big flea market going on.  Parking was a bit scarce.  Nevertheless, we found a spot at the big parking garage at the Solitude Car Park.  We headed into town the usual way, through the big mall near the city center.  It’s our habit to go to the main square when we visit Ludwigsburg, but yesterday we were distracted by a large sign offering grilled food.

The sign belonged to Reina Grillhaus.


I was actually thinking the restaurant looked a little “American” from the outside.  That was a mistake, as this place was very authentic and offered more than the usual doner kebab one finds at Turkish restaurants in Germany.  They had pizza, soups, salads, kebabs, and pita, as well as other Turkish temptations.  The place was busy too, packed with locals, which is a sign of a good restaurant.


We squeezed into a two top, which wasn’t an easy feat.  Reina has tables that are very close together and almost all of them were taken yesterday afternoon when we sat down.


Bill manages a smirk as we wait for menus.

Then gives me a “meme-worthy” look.

I settled on a doner pita and a hefeweizen.  My dish came with either rice or fries.  I went with fries because I love my potatoes.  Bill had a grilled lamb dish and a beer.  I don’t really like most lamb, but I will admit what they had at Reina Grillhaus was very tender and not gamey at all.  It came with a really nice and vaguely spicy red pepper spread that Bill loved.  I enjoyed my more pedestrian doner, especially the yogurt dressing that came with it.

Germany has introduced me to the wonders of yogurt sauce, a delicacy I used to forsake.  After yesterday’s lunch, I might have to start enjoying lamb, too.  I think a bad experience with it in Armenia unfairly turned me off of the wonders of lamb flesh.

Bill’s salad and my pita bread.  Both were fresh and tasty.

I managed about half of this.  It was delicious.

But next time, I might try one of the fancier meals.  They had chicken, ground beef, and lamb dishes.


Though we could have finished with raki served as a shot or tall, we opted for coffee instead.  They didn’t have Turkish coffee yesterday, but the regular was good.  It was served without sugar, which turned out to be okay for me.  I get enough sugar as it is.  Service was a little slow yesterday, but I think it was because they were very busy at lunchtime.  We didn’t mind waiting.

From 9:00-12:00, they offer Gozleme with Turkish tea.  I first tried it in Istanbul back in 1996 with my friend, Elaine.  We were there vacationing from Armenia.  I noticed a lot of people were enjoying soup at Reina Grillhaus, too.  I would have tried it, but the doner was already too much food!


Me and Elaine in Istanbul circa 1996.  We were eating Gozleme with tea…  It’s a flatbread filled with savories such as beef, lamb, cheese, potatoes.  It’s delicious, especially when freshly made.


A shot of the menu, complete with pictures.


The total for our lunches was 31 euros.  We thought the food was well worth the price of admission.  We will have to go back for more next time we go beer shopping in Ludwigsburg, though I’m still wanting to try the African restaurant I’ve heard so much about.

This ad was on a bank… I was looking at this while reading about Britain’s brand new princess.

A photo I took on the way between Jettingen and Herrenberg.  So pretty!


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