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Wet basement…

For the third time since we moved into this house, I have awakened to the sight of a wet basement.  For some reason, water backs up into our washing machine.  Twice, the landlords have had a plumber come out and check the pipes for blockages.  Nothing was found either time, other than toilet paper and the other stuff one finds in the toilet.  We moved here in September.  This happened for the first time in December and again in February.  Now it’s May.  We were told they never had this problem before, but I’m beginning to doubt it.

I took these photos after I drained the washer.  The drum was full of warm grey water from my husband’s shower.

I had noticed water seeping from the wall a couple of days ago.  I told Bill about it and he said he didn’t want to tell the landlords because they have to call a plumber and that costs them money.  Yes… but I am the one who usually finds and cleans up these messes.

I don’t know what is causing these problems.  It’s a major pain in the ass.  I fear whatever is wrong is going to involve a big repair which is never a fun thing.

ETA:  Hopefully, a plumber will be able to fix this today.  Otherwise, we’ll be having a shitty weekend.


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