Oops, I did it again…

Yesterday, I decided to get crazy and invite a new friend and her husband to my little town of Unterjettingen.  It was Thursday night and I had a feeling Tommi’s Bistro would be having a jam session.  Also, for several reasons, we were both in need of a really good steak and Tommi’s has some of the best I’ve ever had in Germany.

Bill made reservations for 7:00, but had to work late.  My friend Becky and her husband Richard met me at my house, where they parked.  We walked to the restaurant after I calmed Zane and Arran down; they weren’t too happy about not getting to meet our guests, but I wanted to make sure we got a decent table.  I needn’t have worried, since it turned out Bill got to the restaurant before we did, still dressed in his suit.

We all sat down and enjoyed delicious steaks and frites… well, except for my friend’s husband, who had a salad instead.  The musicians were a little late getting the show started.  They were supposed to begin at 8:15, but the music didn’t get going until 9:00.  The first song was a super long rendition of “Ain’t Nobody” by Rufus (Chaka Khan sings, of course).

This is Rufus, but the guys last night did a great job covering this song… and a lady got up to sing with them.


I was thinking maybe last night I’d stay in my seat, since we had company.  And it was getting late and both my husband and my friend’s husband had to get up for work today…  But then my new friend Gunter the harmonica player showed up… and he made a beeline for our table…

The guy with the ripped jeans was very good… reminded me a little of George Michael in looks, but certainly not in musical style…  He had an impressive bluesy thing going on.

I had to get a couple of photos because he was just awesome… Gunter is the guy in the hat with the plaid shirt.  I think he should be an agent.  But he also plays a MEAN harmonica on several very classic rock songs.

The keyboard player is also fantastic… he was regaling us with dramatic flourishes and improvisations.  In fact, I think I was most impressed by his skills.  He plays like someone whose livelihood depends on how well he plays.


The girl on stage also played the last time we visited Tommi’s.  She goes to a music school and plays an impressive cover of “Dust In The Wind”.  Last night, she played “Heart of Gold” and another song I can’t remember right now.  

So… I got up to visit the loo and the guitar player and Gunter stopped me and asked if I’d sing “Little Wing” with the band again.  Now, I still don’t know the words to that song very well, even though I’ve practiced it a few times.  It’s not a very long song and the words aren’t that complicated.  I just never had the chance to learn them.  But anyway, I was game because they were actually encouraging me to make up lyrics like I did last time.  Anyone who knows me loves I enjoy acting a fool in public.  Gunter even said, “It was so charming the way you did it last time…  And be sure to shake your hips again.”  No one has EVER said that to me.  Not even Bill!

I warned them that we had to go soon because Bill was about to turn into a pumpkin.  They said fine… so before I knew it, I was on stage with them doing my own very odd version of “Little Wing”…

Jimi Hendrix does “Little Wing”…

I brought my phone on stage to remind me of the right words… did the first run through properly, then let ‘er rip with some truly silly improvisations.  It was such a blast!  Bill says I kind of come alive on a stage.  I wouldn’t know because I make a point of not watching videos of myself.  But I have to admit, I get a huge rush from a live performance, especially with a band.

We had a great time!  What a joy it is to live in a town that not only has fantastic steaks, but also offers me a chance to be obnoxious in front of other people… and score applause for it to boot!  So glad Becky and Richard joined us for musical fun…  I hope I can entice a few other folks to come out to Unterjettingen for meat and music.  And if you sing or play yourself, you might want to visit on a Thursday night.  That’s when they usually do their “jam sessions”.


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