Our trip to The Netherlands via Luxembourg… part 11

I already blogged about my experiences with my first space cake.  Overall, I’ll just say that it was a fun experience.  I basically got very relaxed, although the cake seemed to really kick in once we went to dinner at a Croatian restaurant in Haarlem.


I picked up some Cannabis chocolate in Amsterdam.  It’s very good chocolate made with hemp seeds.  It doesn’t get you high… just makes you fat.  

Bill indulged me with a foot massage before I tried my first space cake…

This is it… I pictured it in my post about eating it, but I thought I’d put it here, too.

Ironically, after seeing all the rubber butts, dicks, and boobs in Amsterdam, I found a Jack Chick tract in Dutch.  It was not far from where a couple of JWs had set up to proselytize.

JWs at work…

I had noticed the Croatian restaurant to and from the train station.  I figured it would offer a nice change from all the stuff we had been eating this week.  I had never had Croatian food and Croatia is on the list for a future trip.  So off we went… Bill ordered a bottle of dry red wine and the waiter brought this one from Macedonia.  It was pretty good.

Macedonian wine… perhaps another country we could see?

Bill tastes it…

I had a giggle fit over this piece of buttered French bread.  The space cake was at its peak at that point, since my laughing fit went on for several minutes.  


This restaurant had little plate warmers generated by candles.  Made for easily keeping things warm.

I had salmon and Bill had grilled meat with mashed potatoes and gravy…

I had fries…

And for dessert, I had Irish coffee and Bill had Croatian coffee, which was made with a pear liqueur.  

If you want to try Croatian food in Haarlem, Dubrovnik is a good bet.  

On the way back to the hotel, I shot some more scenes around Haarlem.  It really is a cute town and a great alternative to Amsterdam.

Even the McDonald’s is cute.


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