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Bill and I visited The Auld Rogue for the first time in ages this afternoon.  In fact, today we also went to the PX and Patch commissary for the first time in ages.  I like The Auld Rogue because I like Irish pubs, but I wasn’t in the mood for a sandwich today.  So I ordered the fish n’ chips.

Last time I had fish n’ chips at The Auld Rogue, they were okay, but the breading seemed like it was made of crumbs rather than batter.

Old style fish n’ chips from a few months ago…


I like my fish n’ chips made with batter, so I didn’t order them again at The Auld Rogue– until today.  I got a bee in my bonnet and decided I just didn’t want a cheeseburger because even though The Auld Rogue has okay cheeseburgers, they aren’t cooked the way I really like them.  Bill was okay with a cheeseburger, so that’s what he had, along with a Guinness.


Superior fish n’ chips, the way my ancestors would have made ’em…

As you can see, the fish and chips looks different now…  It seems to have been made with a batter instead of crumbs.  It was much to my liking!  I am proud to say I ate the whole thing, except for the salad.  I’m not one for being healthy.

Bill digs in…

He’s not watching the game… 

After we had lunch, I decided I wanted some whisky.  I ordered a large dram of ten year old Arran scotch.  I let Bill try it.

Down the hatch!

And this was his reaction, though I thought it was so funny I had to ask for a caption…

I really like the way fish n’ chips are being done at The Auld Rogue now.  I’m probably late to the party, though, because I think the last time we visited was a few months ago.  We got out of the habit of going shopping on Sundays sometime during the spring.

We just missed the concert that was going to start at 2:00.  I would have liked to have stuck around for awhile, but we needed to get some food and get home to Zane and Arran, our two troublemakers.  I bought them new toys today.  One was a Kong puzzle that has to be tipped over to dispense food.  Zane got the concept right away, but Arran didn’t.  He was still trying to chew on it a little while ago.  I may try feeding Zane with it when he’s being picky about food.  You wouldn’t think a beagle would be choosy about dinner, but Zane is.

We had beautiful weather today.  I was finally able to put the top down on the Mini and annoy people with my music.

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