A visit to the HendlHouse in Böblingen…

Before today’s trip to Panzer, a nice walk in the woods…  the weather was perfect!  Not hot at all.

My favorite part of the trail.

Zane’s favorite part of the walk is a field we have to walk through.  It never fails to get him in a playful mood.  Today was no exception.

A little film I made from footage from our walk.


Right after I took this film, we were confronted by about nine people on horseback.  Fortunately, I saw and heard them before the dogs did.  We went into the woods and waited for them to pass.  I should have filmed them cantering past.  The dogs, of course, went absolutely nuts and didn’t settle down until we got home.  That was probably twenty minutes later.  I think the family walking their dogs ahead of us were happy when we turned in a different direction.

Bill and I were hoping to have some fun today in Nagold at the Keltenfest.  I had been planning to go, owing to my Celtic heritage.  Unfortunately, we needed to go to Panzer for some Frontline for our dogs.  Then we got hungry.  I didn’t want to visit our usual Sunday haunts because I wanted to try something different.  We decided to visit the HendlHouse in Böblingen, even though we knew parking could be a challenge.  There’s some kind of fest going on there today.

As luck had it, there was a spot open in HendlHouse’s tiny parking lot.  We pulled in, thanking heavens we brought my little Mini, which fit nicely in the small spot.

The outside of the HendlHouse, a “fast food” joint specializing in chicken. (ETA: This restaurant is now called HendlBurg)


As soon as we walked into the HendlHouse, I had a flashback to the fall of 2007, when Bill and I had just moved to Germany the first time.  We ate in this restaurant.  Only then, it was a Wienerwald.  Like HendlHouse, Wienerwald is a chain restaurant specializing in chicken.  Bill and I really enjoyed the meal we had there in 2007, but when we ate at one in Vienna back in April, we were less impressed.  Böblingen still has a Wienerwald, but it looks like it’s moved to a bigger building.

We sat down at a small table and a very kind German lady waited on us.  I ordered a helles beer, while Bill had a pils.  And, of course, we both had chicken.  HendlHouse is billed as “fast food”, but I’d say it’s more like a casual dining place.  They have a salad bar, a kid’s menu, and besides chicken, there is ostrich, duck, and schnitzel offered.  You can even get a burger there, though I can’t imagine ordering a burger over chicken at the HendlHouse.  They do chicken right…  as KFC used to claim.

I had barbecue chicken.  This was surprisingly good.  The sauce was a bit sweet and tasted a little of orange, but it was also tangy and spicy.  The chicken was juicy and flavorful.  I finished about half of this.  The rest is lunch tomorrow.

Bill loved the garlic chicken.  I was tempted by this dish, but decided Bill should get it because he loves garlic, which tends to repeat on me.  

Our bill was 24,90 euros.  Bill spoke German to our waitress.  I tried to speak a little German, too.  It came out Armenian.  I really need to practice.  As we were about to leave, I noticed a guy double parked in the tiny parking lot.  He was quick to grab our spot just as we left the restaurant.  I liked the devil’s horns, tail, and pitchfork he had around the VW logo on his van.

We were thinking of going to Wurmlinger Chapel with the dogs today, but I realized it closes at 4:00pm.  I’m sure we could walk up there anyway, but why go up there if the chapel is closed?  So maybe next weekend.  I’d still like to go have some fun today, but I think we may be in for the night.


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