Dine in the country for 1/3 the price…

Last weekend, we went to [M]eatery for lunch.  Last night, we went to Tommi’s Bistro.

At [M]eatery, we had steaks, two soups, sides of mashed potatoes, spinach, and frites,  a bottle of wine, sparkling water, and I had a brandy.  Total bill, with tip, was about 185 euros (we ended up tipping two people).  We fought horrendous traffic and a full parking garage.

At Tommi’s last night, we had two rib eye steaks, sparkling water, two bottles of wine, and two orders of frites.  Total bill, with tip, about 70 euros.  We walked there, so there was no traffic or parking trauma.  The steaks were better than what we had at [M]eatery.  We had a little more food at [M]eatery and [M]eatery offers different foods than Tommi’s does.  For instance, Tommi’s doesn’t offer burgers or surf and turf.  But if I just want a good steak for a fair price, Tommi’s wins easily.

Yep.  I like Stuttgart and will eat there again, but I think dining in the country is much more economical and just as good.


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