Jammin’ in Jettingen…

Last night, Bill and I went to Tommi’s Bistro for dinner and music.  They were doing their monthly jam session.  Earlier this year, I joined them on stage a couple of times.  Last night, I decided to just listen.  It wasn’t as busy last night as it was in the summer, but there was still a good crowd.  The band leader and guitarist, had a few students up there with him.  A couple of them appeared to be young teenagers.  In fact, one of them, in a few years, will probably be very good.

I decided to try the filet last night, since I usually get the entrecote (rib eye).  I also had the Wildekartofflen (kind of like homefries).  Bill had the usual rib eye and fries.  We also had lots of wine and water.  The filet was good, but more expensive than the rib eye… and I kind of prefer the rib eye cut.  Still, I wanted to try something different, especially since we are going to Christophorus tonight.  I have heard Christophorus is the best steak place in the area.  Tonight, I’m going to find out for myself.  Then, I’m going to go back to fish for awhile.  It’s been a very beef heavy week for me.

My filet.  It was the 200 gram version.  The beef was very tender and lean.

And the aforementioned Wildekartoffelen… I liked these more than the pommes.  From now on, I’m sticking with these!  

The band started setting up at about 7:30 or so…

Warming up…

I wondered if the band leader dude would remember me.  Sure enough, he did.  My hair is so bright blonde now, you could probably pick me out in a crowd.  That, and I am giggly and silly and ridiculously American in a room full of Europeans.

A trio of students got up and sang a very entertaining rendition of “Feliz Navidad”.  Interesting to hear that in Germany.  They also sang “Last Christmas” by Wham!

Bill quaffs sparkling water as he’s photobombed by Markus, the awesome keyboard player.  I had to tell him how much I enjoyed watching him play, though he doesn’t speak English and my German sucks.  He really gets into the music, which makes his playing all the more enjoyable.  


I don’t know who the sax player was.  He’s not normally in the band, but he showed up last night and played very well.  I did notice him flinching, though.  I think the loudness of the music might have been hurting his ears.

At one point, a slim young woman, who appeared to have rock star visions dancing in her head, took the stage.  She sang a somewhat decent cover of “One of Us” by Joan Osbourne.  But then, she took on “Stairway to Heaven”.  I will admit to being a little put off by that, since she obviously didn’t know the words and wasn’t even faking it.  I told Bill I was going to go home and learn the song by heart.  It’s one that needs to be done well.

After she left, one of the teens took the stage again and sang a song I couldn’t identify, though I have heard it before.  I was impressed by the teenager.  She clearly liked the song and had sung it a lot.  She had a good voice.  What was missing was experience and maturity, which will come in time.  I think eventually, she will be very accomplished.

It was getting late and Bill had to do one last middle of the night conference call for his grad school class.  On the way out, I chatted with the band guy, who said he was sorry I didn’t get to sing “Little Wing” with the band.  I told him it was okay, since I don’t really know that song, anyway.  I probably won’t get to do the jam session next month, because I am having dental implant surgery around the time they usually do it.  But maybe in February, I’ll come back and sing “Stairway to Heaven” right.


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