The things I see when I walk my dogs…

This morning, after a rather intensive German Duolingo session, I decided it was time to walk Zane and Arran.  I usually wait until Zane begs for a walk, but the sun was out and I was feeling very motivated.  So I got dressed, grabbed my phone, supplied myself with shit bags, and got the dogs on their leashes.  We started walking and Zane promptly dropped a load near a neighbor’s house.  While I might have been tempted to leave the pile, since so many others seem to do it, the lady of the house was outside shaking out her rugs.  Besides that, Zane went next to the sign pleading for people to clean up their dogs’ messes.  I felt guilty, so I cleaned up the mess.

Since we were so close to the poop can, I decided to go the route that passes it.  As an explanation, there’s a fork in the road on my dogwalking route.  I can go one way, past the recycling bins.  It means not having to climb a hill on the way.  Or, I can go past the dog poop can, allowing me the chance to drop off any deposits the dogs might make early on.  It means climbing two less intensive hills and going down the tough one.

Anyway, since I had a bag to drop off, I went past the poop can.  As I was about to drop off Zane’s crap, I looked down and noticed that someone had left their glasses under the can.

What the hell?

I don’t know why, but I often run across strange things when I walk the dogs.  I don’t understand why someone left their glasses under the shit can, but I’m sure there’s a story.  If only those glasses could talk!  I’m glad today it was glasses, though.  On occasion, I have also seen someone’s undergarments stashed in the treeline near the poop can.

Someone left this child’s desk and chair on the hill from hell.  It’s mystery who left it and why.  But it’s been sitting there for months and I’ve never seen anyone using it.


Over the summer, Bill and I were walking the dogs and we saw liquor mysteriously sitting on a bench.

Yes… this is a pretty full bottle of what appears to be Jack Daniels.  Who left it there?  And why?  


As I was cleaning up a second pile of poop, a stern looking local passed me.  I was suddenly glad I had two bags with me.

We kept walking, dodging a car illegally driving on the road that is supposedly meant for farm vehicles and bottle recyclers.  We finally passed a friendly old guy who had walked to the recycling bins to drop off his bottles.  I said “Good morning” to him.  He responded in kind and started saying other stuff I don’t yet understand.  So I explained in German that I am American and don’t speak German.  Then I corrected myself and said I speak a little German.  Hey, I’m getting there slowly.  If I would stop and talk to my neighbors, maybe I could say more than “Hello, I don’t speak German.”  Oh, and “Ich bin eine Banane.”  No joke.  That was an actual sentence I learned on Duolingo today.

Well, now it’s time to write a book review.   Bis bald.  😉




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