Marching into spring at Tommi’s Bistro!

Last night Bill and I went to Tommi’s Bistro for their monthly live jam.  We hadn’t been planning to go until we visited them last Friday and caught the concert they hosted.  Our favorite waitress, Dani, was there and encouraged us to come see her last night.  We made a late reservation and showed up at about 7:00pm, once again crashing a table with a couple of Germans.   They turned out to be colleagues.  One of them brought a bass guitar with him.

As we were getting acquainted, more people showed up.  Last night’s jam session was very well attended.  By 8:00, the place was packed.  I had my usual steak, though they brought me a bigger one than I ordered.  It was delicious, though it took effort to finish it.  Bill had one of their humongous salads with bits of steak in it.  The uniform jacket he’s been trying to fit into now fits again, but he’s trying to maintain it until our Scottish cruise is over.

Bill’s huge steak salad.  It was very good, though one of our German companions made a sarcastic crack about how “healthy” it was.


The usual band leader, Vitek Spacek, was there, as well as his usual bandmates.  They got things started with a couple of tunes, then invited a band called Bullshit to the stage.  They played four numbers I didn’t necessarily recognize.  They reminded me a bit of AC/DC and were pretty impressive.  I liked them just for their name!

The band starts to warm up.

Bullshit takes the stage.

More jamming.

This guy did a fine rendition of “Dust In The Wind”.

The guy playing bass guitar was sitting with us last night.  He was pretty good!


I caught a very short clip of their performance…  Next time, I’ll get more.

Despite Bill’s exhaustion, we stayed until the bitter end.  I even took the stage myself!  I sang “Summertime”, a song I used to sing all the time, but quit doing because the words are forever burned on my brain.  I was reminded to do it again the other day when a former colleague from my days as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia reminded me that I used to sing “Summertime” a lot back then.  Since so many of us are sick of German winter weather, I figured I’d do a “rain dance”.  It went off without a hitch!  We have sun this morning, so maybe it worked and we’ll be done with the snow until next year.  Edited to add…  I wrote too soon.  The clouds are back!


This isn’t “Summertime”, but it’s kind of the sound we went for last night.

On March 19th, Tommi’s is hosting a Scottish folk band called Tweed.  If we weren’t going to be in Scotland that day, we would definitely be attending.   All of the music we’ve heard at Tommi’s has been pretty good and I’m sure Tweed will put on a great show!


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